Truth And Time Tells All

Due to popular demand, I took the time to break down in my own fashion what I make of the Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk dynamic. 

The backstory-

When I first saw Lady Gaga got cast to play Bradley Cooper’s opposite in A Star Is Born, initially I didn’t know how I felt. Bradley is a big celebrity crush of mine, knowing this was his passion project I had high expectations and standards. I was always a fan of Lady Gaga, but I was undecided how I would feel seeing the two together on the screen. 

The movie-

I went to see the movie in October and left all the online buzz at the door. I wanted to see for myself what I truly thought and mute the background noise. Moved as in moving the Red Sea, was how moved I was leaving the theater. I fell in love with their love and I did not care what anyone said.

Their forbidden and accidental love penetrated through their art and it radiated off the screen. It was an unexpected surprise in the best way. Considering I would easily date Bradley myself it should mean volumes that I’m rooting for him and Gaga. Gotta give credit where it’s due. 

The Oscars-

Clearly I was not alone in the Bradley Gaga train. But if you were not pulling for them by this point, after the Oscars it was not even up for discussion. They sang the song “Shallow” from the movie, but what we witnessed on live TV even out did the on screen chemistry and passion from the movie. The way they looked in the others eyes, so unscripted, so raw, so unapologetic. Bradley’s partner and mother of his child was sitting front row cheering them on, but she knew. She knew, what we all knew. 

Oscar aftermath-

Lady Gaga broke off her engagement right before the Oscars which prompted the buzz to spiral. Next, the extremely steamy Oscar performance sent everything into overdrive. She attempted to do damage control during her post Oscar interview, but I sure as hell was not buying it. “We are actors, it’s what we wanted you to see” Sorry G this was your first step in Hollywood acting. You do not get a breakout role and have deep fever love portrayal dialed in.

*Dwight voice* FACT- it is impossible to express that kind of love via acting. And as for Bradley, who knowingly had his girlfriend of four years in the audience… was not going to convince many he was trying to just pump up the crowd. *WRONGO* Grinch voice. This was Bradley’s first concert like performance on a main stage. Nice try. 

Red carpet deception-

Irina Shayk is a model, she’s no stranger to getting her picture taken. So with the couple choosing to keep their personal life extremely private and seeing them consistently on red carpets turned to be very misleading. Irina knew this award season was very big for Bradley, maybe most important yet. Out of respect for their history, of course she stood by his side, of course they did the smile and wave and got the “cute candid” lovey dovey looking snapshots. Only again…she’s a model, she gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to make effortless candid shots look immaculate …. 

If you bought into the red carpet appearances that is the acting in the words of Gaga herself “we wanted you to see.” When Oscars are on the table everyone knows you do what you need to do to save face until they are over. 

What to expect now-

In the wise words of Justin Bobby “I believe that truth and time tells all”. Here we are a few months apart Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper stand before us single. Lady Gaga minus the huge rock on her finger, Bradley minus the girlfriend of four years and mother of his daughter. Both parties were seemingly in rock solid and promising situations.

Here we are now a few months out from the dust settling after award season and I have to say my life has never been this on point. I will hold on to this feeling and never let it go, forget any TV show plot you wanted to go your way. This is that feeling times 10000. Let this be an example of how the universe is working behind the scenes in the wildest of ways! Even in our own lives. We WILL get our real life love story and we WILL see them reunite soon. “That’s all.”- Miranda Priestly. 

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