How to rock the boyfriend jeans minus the boyfriend

What are they-
Boyfriend jeans have been on trend for a little bit now. I’m not totally sure where they coined the name “boyfriend jeans”. The jeans are designed to have a little bit of an oversized look but fitted at the same time. Sounds like a nearly impossible concept but some brands really know how to make the perfect compromise of baggy and fitted! Every store has a different interpretation of what boyfriend jeans are, and I like some more than others. 

Where I go-

Believe it or not, I finally landed on a pair I really loved and they were from Hollister Co. of all places! Many who know me well won’t be surprised by this as I’ve been a loyal shopper there since middle school. Well in this case I lucked out by being persistent and consistent ! Fit comes first for me. It took a long time to find a pair that fit me the way I wanted. Because it’s an oversized look, a lot of stores couldn’t master the jeans being oversized looking, but not having the jeans be too big.

The checklist-

Hollister had a pair that were a faded wash with rips, cuffs at the bottom, mid waist cut, and oversized leg. In my head that was my mental checklist for what I was searching for in the perfect boyfriend jean! When I put them on they were loose on the leg but fit comfortable on my waist, which if you find a good boyfriend jean that’s how it should be. 

The look-

I think boyfriend jeans are a very soft piece to add to a look. They are very Cali style. Also are easily my go to jeans for spring, summer and even a little of fall! I like to pair them with a simple crop top and I’m good to go! Jeans like that are strong enough to be the statement piece in a look. They compliment most and any ankle shoe. They even look good paired with a bathing suit if you are headed to the beach! These are extremely versatile and you can’t go wrong. 

My look-

I love wearing my mules with my boyfriend jeans. Especially now that it’s spring. My snakeskin mules are neutral colored so they aren’t too busy or clash with anything. I’ll almost always add a top neutral colored as well, preferably white (I own a lot of white). Throw my jeans on and I am good to go! It really creates for an effortless look and once you finally find the perfect pair, it truly takes minimal effort to pull off a great look! 
Here are some shots from my favorite celebrities sporting boyfriend jeans 

Olivia Culpo
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
Kourtney Kardashian

As you can see they each individually had their own spin on a boyfriend jeans look. But they each all as I do, prefer a neutral top and shoe with the jeans. Olivia Culpo even wore next to the same exact outfit as me! Cuffed jeans, white top, snakeskin mules! Must mean our name has good taste! These are all people I constantly am pulling fashion inspiration from, and I can see myself making outfits that are a nod to the remaining pictures too! Obviously you see they all manage to flawlessly rock the boyfriend jeans without the boyfriend 🙂 

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