Who I think flew higher than the rest on the VS runway

The best of the holiday season-

My favorite holiday is finally here, and no it’s not Christmas. It is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show! Being 23 I see myself get more jolly to watch the show than I do Christmas morning. This year the show was not in any exotic location, but instead, was back to the iconic stomping grounds of NYC.
New sounds-
The show every year has come back bigger and better. This year was no different, they completely deviated and made this show a music event as well. No DJ needed, every segment includes a live performer! And they even added an extra segment to the show.
Who flew high-
As always they amped up the looks making them look more high fashion and editorial. Even though I cannot say one bad thing of the show, there were some looks that caught my eye.
Josephine in Glam Royale
This segment reminds me of old British punk and I was living for it ! I loved seeing this edgy side in the show. These looks had a more dark angel aesthetic and fit Josephine to a T, who in real life has a spunky way to her. She didn’t have traditional red plaid but she sported a green and blue plaid outfit that made her features pop! Thigh high argyle socks (I have a similar pair) that I loved paired with a simple black bootie. She wore an embellished crop jacket and plaid and feathery wings. The outfit was not overwhelming and did its job of selling the lingerie, she killed it.
Candice in Celestial Angel
Anyone that knows me well knows I love the sun and moon. This Celestial theme won big in my eyes no matter who was walking. Candice however, really stood out to me. Her hair is toned darker which I happened to love and it made her features really glow in her all black ensemble. She sported a black halter caged corset framing her curves perfectly. Matching embellished panties with star studded black booties. Her outfit literally looked like a star constellation with her the Big Dipper. Her wings were very minimalistic but yet added such a sick effect. They looked like two black fireworks coming out from behind her, she clearly brought the heat!
Taylor in Glam Royale
I loved seeing fire engine red in this outfit. When I shut my eyes and think of Glam Royale something close to what Taylor was would come to my mind. She had thigh high tight black open boots. Plaid panties paired with an open school girl skirt. Her wings and bra in matching bright red paired with a gorgeous diamond pendant. The wings were cut to look very “gilded angel” which was another popular segment of the show a few years back. She truly looked like a Rockstar. It’s easy to see why she opened the show.
Adriana in Flights of Fantasy
This was Adriana’s last walk as an angel ever, I mean need I say more? What better match made in heaven (pun intended) that she walked her last walk in a segment titled “Flights of Fantasy”. Boy did she fly, her bottom half was simple, she was wearing dusty rose feathered heels and subtle but simple lace panty. The top of her outfit could leave anyone breathless, she looked like an angelic queen. She had a long sleeve embellished top with what looked like chains and designs right off a crown and all white peacock feathers as her wings. She showed nothing but grace and elegance as she took her final steps and she left a true legacy in her tracks.
I am surely not ready to say my goodbyes. It is going to be tough! The show airs this Sunday 10pm on ABC!

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