Slay bells ring

It’s the season-
Dressing up for Christmas is easily my favorite. Smiling is Buddy the Elf’s favorite and this is mine. The entire holiday season is my favorite time of year so why not show my enthusiasm in fashion? Christmas style is extremely versatile. A lot of different colors, patterns and trends can be worn and look extremely on theme. I never do the same concept twice. 

Amanda Woods-
The movie “The Holiday” is truly a classic. It is high on my list of movies to watch in December. Cameron Diaz plays the character Amanda Woods, big time movie trailer editor from LA. Being based in California didn’t stop Cameron Diaz’ character from having impeccable winter style while on vacation in London for Christmas. In the movie she sports a white turtle neck. Sounds extremely simple yet it looked so chic and so elegant, I knew I had to snag one for myself and I did! My white turtle neck is from Fashion Nova. 

An ode to Britney-
Britney is always going to be an inspiration to me in multiple ways. I could not wear a red leather anything without taking a moment to acknowledge her iconic look in the music video “Oops I did it again.” 

With that in mind, Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a red leather skirt which also played a factor in my skirt choice. I value Kim’s style a lot, especially since Kanye’s influence. Kim wore her red skirt with black but I knew white would look equally as pretty and more candy cane esk. I got my skirt from free people ! 

Red on Red-
Olivia Culpo is a huge fashion inspiration to me. I’m not sure if I’m bias and have a huge pull to her since we share the same name and initials but, I love her vibe. I saw Olivia wearing tall red boots which are extremely on trend and very flashy. I love statement pieces, if you have the confidence to rock something that draws attention I say go for it ! In an unexpected twist she also wore a red outfit on top of the red boots. This kind of color block I found unique but it worked! The shades of red did not even match, yet it looked amazing ! This gave me the confidence and idea to add the last touch to my outfit, tall red boots 😉 

And that’s how I managed to look cooler than a candy cane this year for the holiday 🎅🏻

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