Thankful for Thanksgiving style

Season greetings-
Thanksgiving is a fun holiday to dress for. It’s a time where you can really channel true fall style.  A lot of fall outfits start trending in the beginning of the season but it’s usually a little too mild to wear them. Living in New York it’s often cold enough to whip out your favorite fall sweater once Thanksgiving rolls around!
My outfit-
My Thanksgiving outfit was drawn from a few of my favorite celebrity’s looks that I pull from for inspiration. I usually pull from a few people’s style and then add my own twist, and this time is no different.
Trends sometimes that are old can be made new again! I felt this year I was emulating a modern Rachel Green.  I’m wearing the “Don’t ask why” cord jumper by American Eagle in orange with a basic dark green turtle neck from H&M. On my feet I wore knee high boots allowing me to get away with wearing this dress without freezing to death!
Emma Roberts was sporting a corduroy overall dress with a long sleeve stripped top. I have not seen this material in ages and was so glad to see it back! Her army green would also be a very fall appropriate color to wear as well! I really loved that color and wanted to get something with dark green in it. I knew I needed to find a dress in this material and was hoping for a similar cut.
Emma Roberts
Burnt Orange-
Selena Gomez was spotted filming on the set of a new movie in a corduroy skirt with a sweater. Seeing Selena rock this material validated that I needed to get it ! She had a burnt orange long sleeve sweater and maroon corduroy skirt. Maroon is another classic color for the autumn season, but the orange top really caught my eyes. Her skin, her brown hair and the burnt orange looked like a match made, so I knew it would look good on me too.
Selena Gomez
Turtle neck-
Kylie Jenner was wearing overalls paired with a turtle neck and I could not get over how well the two fit. I loved the contrast in the necklines and how the long sleeves looked underneath. I knew then a turtle neck would look great with the overall dress and would complete my look!
Kylie Jenner
By bouncing off all three outfits I ended up with one that was Thanksgiving ready! And not only is it fashionable but it’s nice and comfortable ! Color blocking is something that can look edgy and chic if you do it right. Gobble gobble.

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