A Halloween World

Halloween has become increasingly popular as time goes on. I feel now more than before people of all ages really embrace the holiday and the chance to dress up creatively!

Halloween Queen-
As a girl who loves fashion, a day that allows one to demonstrate how creative and how stylish they can be is a day for me. I’d like to consider myself the Queen of Halloween. Mainly because I am one of the girls who take it a little more serious than others. For instance, I will go that extra mile to put together a look.
How to stand out-
Etsy for the last couple years now has become my second home. “Party City” Halloween shopping is so 10 years ago. There’s something for me about buying something custom made. The “DIY” aka Do it yourself costumes, have a really chic look about them. It’s more than just a generic costume and it makes that much more the difference.
Disney moment-
Huge Disney fan over here, so when brainstorming what to be this year I kept circling back to Jasmine from Aladdin. I have an olive skin tone and my hair *currently* is long and black, how appropriate. So it’s like the Disney Magic aligned and it was meant to be. My bestie Alex went as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and she too managed to execute it great.
Ariel and Jasmine
Choosing to go as Jasmine’s slave look was a huge hit! I felt Jasmine is a popular costume and I would be caught dead blending in with the rest of the classic teal Jasmines out there. I found a girl on Etsy who handmade the red slave outfit so I ordered it and it was a success ! I did not have to add or change a thing !
Halloween hit-
The costume was amazing, I would recommend going on Etsy for Halloween. I’ve not been disappointed yet! I really was impressed with how easily I transformed into Jasmine. It truly makes a difference when you resemble the character you are dressing as!
P.S I already have ideas of what I am being next year 😉

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    Honestly I just Find a nice quiet place. A place calm and Where I am Not distracted and even sometimes I will Write some notes before I start to write my blogs and it really does the trick 🙂


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