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The Kylie effect-

These days the only lipstick I own and wear day to day is Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics.

No, I am not bias because I am a Kylie Jenner fan. Her liquid lipstick formula is the best I have yet to come across. Her lipsticks are what define “long lasting.” I do not even remember the last time I reapplied my lipstick, since using Kylie Cosmetics.

Matte magic-

I tend to gravitate toward the matte finish lipsticks, she has a velvet finish for a lot of shades now as well. I do own a few velvet, but they don’t stay on as well as matte. If I want my matte to have a softer finish I will apply a little bit of Vaseline on my finger tip, dab it on my lips, then apply the liquid lipstick.

Kylie’s most recent collection was the 5-shade fall collection. This collection had two shades that made an impression on me the SECOND she swatched them. One of them was Wicked. Wicked is a deepened violet. The other was Autumn, which is a terracotta rose. Autumn is a great every day shade, but we aren’t here for every day looks right now. This post is all about the WICKED.

Pop of color-

I am a girl that loves to wear a statement lip from time to time and this bold purple lip is perfect for fall! The key to nailing a statement lip is letting the lip be the only pop of color you have on.

Whenever I wear a bold color lip I do minimalistic makeup, trust me there is no need to take any attention away from your lips. I also advise to wear a neutral colored outfit. Stick to grays, whites, and blacks. No need to have clashing colors, you are trying to make a statement, let it be seen.

What works for me-

In this instance I wore a classic black top, and it served as a great contrast to the purple lips. Doing a purple lip can seem intimidating, but you just need to have the confidence and own it! Because Kylie’s formula won’t come off easily you won’t have to worry about getting purple everywhere. Be chic or be edgy this color has the ability to serve as both depending on the outfit you choose.

And for the record…guys, due to my own personal experiences love to see a bold lip. Guys like to see a girl who is confident in general, and what better way to show that then having the confidence to rock a spunky colored lipstick. Be different! No need to wear the same shade everyday.

Kylie makes these fun colors, because she knows there is a market for them. Follow the Liv tips and you too can rock any fun color lipstick and get tons of compliments in doing so!

Go get some Kylie Lip Kits available now on Kylie Cosmetics website and let me know the results 🙂

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