Who met my Met Gala standards

The big M-

May is an exciting month for many of us. It’s the first true stroke of spring. Which, automatically puts us all in a good mood.

The first Monday in May is known for its third “M” which is the iconic Met Gala. For those who are not familiar, the Met Gala is an event put on by Vogue to honor the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Iconic event-

Tickets cost 30,000 dollars each and tables can go for 275,000 dollars. Often tables are designated to each designer and the guests wearing that designer. All the proceeds go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

About the night-

The event is often referred to as “fashion’s biggest night. It’s known to be the oscars of fashion. Each year there is a central theme at which guests are able to dress according to. Some take it more serious than others, only adding to the anticipation for the red carpet line up.

If anyone is going to be bold, it’s on the Met Gala red carpet. While other guests take it as a chance to just show up looking super chic, others really play around stylistically and show up with some funky daring ensembles.

The theme-

Gala attendees this year channeled the church for this year’s theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination.” This theme was encompassing religion influence on fashion.

Of all the previous years, this red carpet stood out. This theme allowed for a lot of gorgeous pieces and interpretations creating record breaking engagement in theme.

Now I’m not saying, everyone showed up with a nativity scene on their head (SJP). But majority of the guests on the red carpet participated in the theme, making it really fun to watch!

This was tough for me to choose my favorites, but there were 4 top looks that really impressed me. Not just because of their look, but their nod to tying style to the theme. After all, that’s why we’re all here.

1. Hailee Steinfield-

Hailee was wearing white a Probal Gurung gown and the detail on this dress spoke for itself. She looked so elegant as if she just waltzed off Mount Olympus to join us all at the Met this year.

The dress featured a thigh high embellished slit, showing off her satin open toe white platform heels. While white embellished jewels lay over her dewy glowing skin. Her hair worn down in lose waves paired with an embellished crown headpiece and maroon statement lip made her stand out. The back of the dress had delicate chiffon detail ending in a mini train, simply breathtaking. Hailee is no rookie, this is her 8th Met Gala.

2. Jennifer Lopez-

It’s hard to name a time jlo was not serving looks at a red carpet. However, this time stood out to me amongst the rest. She showed up in this very true to aesthetic Balmain embellished gown. This piece displayed a large cross as the center of all the gowns detail. A more literal approach but in the true Balmain punk rock vibe, the coloring and cross looked killer!

No one else showed up with a look that mirrors this. It truly was one of a kind. Only Balmain can have a piece so literal and detailed so abstract at the same time. Not just anyone can show up with a cross on their dress and it be high fashion, leave it to jlo!

She’s known for wearing long hair but this shorter cut complimented the high neck of the dress. The high slit showed off her extremely toned legs. The bottom of the dress was black with feathers and the jewels served as a great contrast. Her simple platform shoe really tied all the elements of the dress together creating in my opinion Met Gala history.

3. Selena Gomez-

Selena showed up looking like a Grecian goddess sporting a Coach gown for the second year in a row. I was not surprised to see her in Coach being as she’s part of the Coach team right now and really involved in the brand!

Selena is very open about her Christianity, and I’m sure she was happy to engage in this theme without having to be so literal. She wanted to channel Queen Esther when it came to assembling her entire look, she did just that.

Selena wore an opera length slip gown, which was made from vintage cream silk gauze. The gown was encrusted with all gorgeous jewels only adding to her glow. And that’s just on the outside! She had one of her favorite biblical scriptures hand sewn into her dress.

Her tan really made the entire look pop, the golds and green hues of her makeup, the dusting of gold sparkle in her updo, all came together in the best way and really shined on the carpet.

Her Tiffany & Co cross is one of her favorite pieces and was the perfect necklace to wear with her neckline. All things considered she did her job as an Ambassador and served Coach some justice!

4. Blake Lively-

One thing to say about this piece. Detail. Detail. Detail. Everything about her look, from the top of her crown in her bun down to the jewels on her shoes. Everything in between displayed intricate pattern work, to embellishment all blew me away.

Blake since her Gossip Girls days, has been killing it in the fashion game. The Met Gala was no exception. She showed up wearing a Versace gown, and although a few other Versace gowns showed up that night, hers blew them all out the water. Her look blew everyone’s out the water. She was one the the best looks of the night!

Her long gorgeous frame displayed in a form fitting gold corset top and figure hugging red and gold patterned bottom. Off the ends of the corset laid a cape in matching print to the bottom of her dress. (WOW). The bottom of her dress was paneled with sheer stripes on each leg. Her hair was tied up in a bun with a spiked crown causing her to have a punky halo!

The cape was big but not empowering, due to Blake’s tall frame. Versace was not wearing Blake Lively. Blake Livley was wearing Versace and she won best dressed to me!

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